Katie Hammond

"I have always been an avid sprinter and continued to train after college. In the summer of 2010, I was suffering from every runner's worst nightmare: exercise induced compartment syndrome. After undergoing bilateral fasciotomy surgery for exercise induced compartment syndrome, I continued to suffer from chronic pain and nerve damage post-surgery. With multiple trips to the doctors and physical therapy and no improvements, I was becoming discouraged with returning to running or exercising at a high intensity.

In December 2011, I was introduced to Aaron. I began seeing him on a regular basis and diligently completing the corrective exercise routines. Through completing the corrective exercises, I was able to swim and ski in the winter.

In May 2012, I was back to running four times a week. I progressed from running four times a week to signing up for my first half ironman. I was able to complete my first triathlon season with 10 races and training at a high intensity. Aaron's knowledge and structured programs have improved my posture dramatically and has removed the chronic pain I was suffering from.

I honestly don't know where I would be without Aaron. He has completely turned around my walking stride, running form and has kept me injury free while running four days a week, biking four days a week, swimming three days a week and lifting two days a week. The corrective exercises require dedication and hard work, but the twenty minutes every day is worth it. I would highly recommend Aaron. The results that his program and discipline produces are unbelievable. I never would have expected to go from a sprinter plagued with injuries to a triathlete consistently placing in the top three in her age group. Thank you Aaron!"

Katie Hammond

Benjamin Watson

"After suffering with back pain for some time, I started working with Aaron and his product, the versus. In a matter of weeks, what I thought was chronic pain was gone. I credit Aaron, his corrective programs and his product, the versus, for getting me back healthy and ready to play another season."

Benjamin Watson
National Football League (Cleveland Browns)

"I started as a client with Aaron Brooks in April, 2011 for chronic lower back/hip pain. After 12 plus years as a competitive track and field athlete, as well as several more years training (running/lifting) I had sustained numerous injuries and felt broken and needed a change. My most immediate issues were my back and hip, which Aaron and his staff addressed immediately. We worked on mobility, stability and strength, primarily in the muscle groups I had ignored since I began competitive athletics. My posture issues were huge as well. We began to address all those things that were contributing to years of dysfunctional movement and training. I stopped running and lifting as I had been doing and committed to the corrective programs. The results were remarkable. I stopped limping after getting up from my desk. I could walk pain free. We are still in the process of correcting my postural and mobility issues. I won't lie. The work is hard. I dread it because I am not good at it. It takes concentration and commitment to doing the program everyday. Its not fun. But it works.

The results I found were so encouraging that I have enlisted Aaron to work with my athletes at Tufts University, where I coach the women's cross country and track & field teams. He has done evaluations on my athletes and set them up with corrective programs. This process can be summed up in one word: SUCCESS. This fall my cross country team returned having lost our top runner to graduation, and adding no significant freshmen. At the outset, we were a middle of the pack team in our conference and in the region. I had Aaron do evaluations the first week of practice in September and the team started their corrective programs. Running 45-60 miles and lifting 3x a week has always taken a toll on our athletes and year after year, my coaching staff feels like we are holding on for dear life by the end of November, hoping our kids can last and perform over the last few crucial weeks of the season. This year was different. We had no significant injuries, in fact, we didn't have any real injuries to speak of. We finished 4th in our conference and 5th in New England, and qualified for NCAAs as a team for the first time since 2006-with the same team as last year, minus our best runner (a 4-time All-American). As a team, we outperformed expectations in training and races and were at our best in the last 2 meets of the season. 6 of our top 7 kids ran personal bests at the NCAAs. I have since had Aaron do the same evaluations on my track & field kids, with similar results: minimal injuries and peak performances.

Working with Aaron and the staff at Perfect Postures has changed the way I think about everything I do as an athlete and a coach. The proof is in the results and I could not be happier to be a part of this process for myself and for my athletes."

Kristen Morwick - Head Women's
XC/Track& Field Coach

Tufts University

Mike Boyle - Strength Coach

"Aaron Brooks has become my go-to guy for those with chronic pain. If you suffer from neck, back, or joint pain I would recommend you give Aaron a try."

Mike Boyle - World Famous Strength Coach
www.bodybyboyle.com | www.strengthcoach.com

Joseph Leader

"My personal trainer/exercise physiologist referred me to Aaron for potential relief of a long-standing knee problem. Aaron immediately noted my irregular gait, and developed a series of exercises to correct my problem. Working with Aaron has considerably improved my knee discomfort, and I continue to see him as I work toward a complete recovery."

Joseph Leader, M.D.

Keith Colby

"If you want to feel better, improve your posture and eliminate pain and discomfort Aaron is your man!"

Keith Colby

Judi Missett Sheppard

"The phrase, "Expect a Miracle ", is perfectly applicable to Perfect Postures and Aaron Brooks. His exercise therapy has worked wonders for me and many others. It's the best!"

Judi Sheppard Missett - Founder and CEO

Glenn Soppe

"I am a Family Physician of 18 years and a colleague of Mr. Brooks for the last eight years. I have numerous patients that he has worked with on their Physical Health. He has had superb results. I have a few particular people with low back problems that were told by many Doctors there is nothing that can be done. They then worked with Mr. Brooks and came back to me with rave reviews and smiles."

Glenn G. Soppe MD
Dept. Chair and Board Member Scripps Memorial Hospital

Brad Gerlach

"I came to Aaron with a sharp, throbbing pain in my hip that had been bothering me for almost a year. At one point it hurt so bad it prevented me from surfing. I tried everything from deep tissue massage to acupuncture. Aaron quickly assessed where I was unbalanced and gave me an exercise program to remedy my leg. After only three days of doing the exercises the pain was gone for good, what a relief! Not only personable and kind, Aaron is an exceptionally talented and passionate healer. I would recommend him to anyone in pain.Thanks Aaron!"

Brad Gerlach
Professional Surfer

"My patients have noticed remarkable results with Aaron's exercises. I strongly recommend this program to anyone in the healing arts profession."

Mark Jones, D.C.
Precision Health & Rehabilitation

"After having tried various forms of pain management, including chiropractic care, massage and aqua therapies, physical therapy and spinal injections with no relief, I was fortunate to discover Aaron at Perfect Postures. I experienced immediate relief. I am no longer taking pain medication and am 99% pain free."

Peter Wilson

"My doctor recommended immediate surgery after an acute C6-7 disc herniation. A friend recommended that I see you (Aaron) before resorting to surgery. It was the best thing I ever did"

Harry J. Leonhardt, Esq. - Executive Vice President Genoptix

"Knowing that there is someone out there who can get a person back on their feet again without having to go through surgery was and is a great relief to me. I would highly recommend Aaron and Perfect Postures to anyone."

John Logan - Engineer
San Marcos Professional Firefighters Association Local 4184

San Diego Flash Soccer

"Thank you again for supporting the back-to-back, Pacific Division Champions, the San Diego Flash. Your support played an integral part of the overall success of the franchise."

San Diego Flash Soccer Club

"When I first came to Perfect Postures, it was after trying more conventional physical therapy for many years, which didn't help. I had had persistent unremitting back pain for about three years, which followed about thirty years of intermittent back pain. I had been told that my hips were "rotated," but nothing I did in physical therapy addressed that problem directly.

Then I had a total knee replacement, after which my back was chronically painful and in spasm, to the extent that I often was related to the couch and was taking large doses daily of muscle relaxants. To say that I was getting desperate is an understatement. Gone was golf and bike riding and hiking and normal everyday activities, such as sitting comfortably and standing in place for more than a minute or two. So I was contemplating going to Vermont to a physical therapist who has successfully treated a very crippled nephew-in a manner that can only be described as holistic. The nephew now is able to do anything he wishes.

Fortunately, my primary care physician suggested I consult with Aaron at perfect postures before running off to Vermont in desperation.

In less than four months, I have gone from unremitting pain to only periodic discomfort or soreness. Aaron's approach during the rehab part of my treatment was to treat the body as an interrelated system with the hips only part of the issue, but the first essential issue to be addressed. They are now even and I have progressed many levels through rehab to strength training. My goal was to be "golf ready" by summer, but apparently, I am at that level now. The key, of course, is the integrated perspective of perfect postures and the fact that I really follow the program. The exercises are progressively challenging and fun and if one does one's homework on a regular basis as directed, progress is a "given." It was the best thing I could do for myself."

Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld, PhD
Director Academic Programs and Planning for Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Director of Project Centers in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Boston WPI/IGSD

"I became a client of Aaron Brooks in July 2011 because of muscular/skeletal problems, specifically right and left shoulders. Additionally, I suffered from scoliosis since I was a young child but no doctor or other practitioner called my attention to this problem up until 2 years ago by a massage therapist. By the time I walked into Aaron's office, my posture was poor, and I realized that as I was getting older, my posture was becoming more slumped and my neck was pushing forward.

In order to give a fair assessment of my therapies, I regularly had massage, acupuncture and cranio-sacral treatments. In November of 2010, I became a client of a chiropractor who had successfully treated a dear friend of mine with the same neck issues that I was dealing with. She demonstrated how she was able to rotate her neck with no pain and with an even range from right to left and vice versa.

I began my chiropractic sessions 3x/wk and over the course of months, dropped to 1x/wk then to every other week and now to 1x/month. The chiropractor took xrays in November 2010 and every 4 months thereafter. In November 2010, xrays showed that I had (have) osteoarthritis in my entire spine. The Thoracic vertebrae were fused. Basically, in the chiropractic arena, any fused bone cannot be corrected. That means that blood flow is impossible and therefore, new cell growth cannot grow bone.

By the time I started treatment with Aaron, my quality of life was compromised. I could hardly reach up to grab a glass out of my kitchen cabinet. Even blow drying my hair was difficult. With Aaron's exercise regiment, along with continued chiropractic manipulation and regular massages, I felt that I was able to "heal" in a way that I never thought I could.

This week, my chiropractor took year-end x-rays. In Nov 2010, I was put in the Phase III phase of bone erosion. Phase IV is fusion, which means that there is an inability to make any changes at all. Now, in Dec. 2011, the latest x-rays indicated that my spine and it's "healing" progressed to Phase II. In fact, in the upper levels of Phase II. Phase I is "normal". By the way, it takes 7 years to move from one phase to another.

In my heart of hearts, I know that Aaron's exercise protocol has been the key to my rapid muscular/structural changes. I can confidently state that my posture is very good; in fact, excellent. Aaron seems to think I grew a few inches these past few months! My shoulder rotation and range has improved significantly. I rarely suffer from the constant "pinching" in my rotator cuff and deltoid that I was experiencing earlier. "

Elaine Grilli

"I suffered from chronic lower back pain for 12 years; the pain varied from discomfort to intense pain and it was always present. I tried everything: chiropractic work, acupuncture, yoga, massage, prolotherapy and anti-inflammatories. None of it worked and I resigned myself to having chronic back for the rest of my life. Then I was introduced to Aaron Brooks. I was skeptical at first but did my prescribed correctives and within a year my pain was gone. I can play tennis and basketball without pain or discomfort, and more importantly when i stand up after sitting for a long time my back no longer locks up on me. I would recommend Aaron and his methods unequivocally and without reservation. "

Josh Kraft

"I had major ankle surgery several years ago. After surgery I had recurrent back pain and trouble walking long distances. A friend told me about Aaron Brooks at Perfect Postures and how he had eliminated his pain. I had tried all sorts of treatments, e.g., PT, chiro, yoga, massage, acupuncture. Sometimes I would get quick improvement in my symptoms, but it did not persist. Aaron's approach is the real deal. I have been doing his short daily exercises for the past 6 months and have virtually eliminated back pain. I can now walk much longer distances without difficulty. Lastly, my posture is terrific. Aaron understands deeply how the body works and how to get at the root causes of pain. I trust his approach and recommend him highly to anyone who is looking to get rid of those chronic pains that can detract from how we want to live our lives. "

Bruce E. Stangle | Chairman
Analysis Group, Inc.

Dave Shepherd

"When I started working with Aaron and his team, I had just been told by two doctors that I should have two procedures done to my right knee. I need to have a piece of my meniscus snipped off and I need to have micro holes drilled into the end of my femur to promote bone growth to heal a "pot hole" that was developing. I was in pain, but thought a two knee surgeries on a knee that had already been operated on for an old injury was just too much.

Aaron and his team took the time to understand my situation, they decided they could help, and we went to work. It took 4-6 months before the pain was gone and another 6 months to get back to peak exercising, but it has been two years and I'm in the best shape of my life. I have no issues with my knee and I never had to go under the knife. Aaron and his team are fantastic. I felt cared for, I got better, and Aaron helped me catapult my health to a whole new level. What more can you ask for?"

Dave Shepherd

Nathanial Tilton

"As a kid, I played a lot of sports and pushed myself pretty hard. But as I got older, I started to lose a step and struggled to stay in shape. I had a lot of excuses, none of which were very good. My lower back began to ache and I developed chronic elbow pain from playing a lot of golf. I tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, and other treatments, but nothing worked. By the time I turned 40, I was out of shape, lethargic, and dealing with pain on a daily basis. That's when my friend told me about Perfect Postures and I began meeting with Aaron regularly to correct my misalignments. Soon, I noticed that my pain was vanishing, and I was motivated to start on a strength and conditioning program.

My body began to change, and I started looking at my health differently. I committed to regular workouts, kept up with my corrective exercises at home, and adjusted the way that I ate. I was getting stronger and more flexible, but most importantly, I had a newfound hope for a pain-free, healthy life that I never thought possible. Perfect Postures proved to be a life-changing experience, and today I feel like an entirely new person.

My trainers, Chris and Carol-anne, are exceptional. They customize and adjust each of my workouts, and each day is a new challenge. I'm so impressed with their commitment to understanding my goals, and how diligent they are about maximizing my strengths and targeting the areas where I need to improve. It's a constant work-in-progress and I really look forward to every session.

With Perfect Postures, I have also found a community of like-minded people who share a positive attitude and a common goal, and there's a lot of support among the people in the program. It?s really a special place that I'd encourage anyone, of any age, shape, or size to see for themselves.

Since I started, I?ve lost more than 25 pounds, and I feel healthier, happier, and more productive in my life. Gone are the days of slouching, wearing loose-fitting clothes to hide extra weight, and dreading the thought of exercising. Before I met Aaron, I didn't know that something like this was even available, and I'm incredibly grateful that it does.

Nathaniel Tilton | Owner
Tilton Wealth Management, Author of The Blackjack Life, Founder of ArenaTilton.org

Chad Martin

"After suffering a stress fracture in my lower spine that sidelined me for eight months, I never thought my body would feel 100% again. Even after the eight months, I found myself dealing with pain that didn't go away completely until Aaron's correctives got my body aligned. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and rest all failed to relieve the nagging pain in my lower back, but Aaron saw the issue right away and immediately prescribed a exercise plan to remedy and eliminate the pain. Not even months later, I was back in full form, playing baseball at a higher level and with greater intensity than I was before my injury. I'm certain that if it weren't for meeting Aaron, I would not be enjoying the successes on the baseball diamond that I am today. Not only did his plan fix my back, it made me a better athlete in every way. Perfect Postures saved my playing career."

Chad Martin - Baseball Player
Bowdoin College


Sonia Urwand-Tuller

"There was a time in my life when the "cardio" portion of my daily exercise routine consisted mainly in getting into and out of my too-tight clothes, and my strength training consisted of all-too frequent visits to lift things out of the refrigerator.

Morbidly obese, a diabetic on oral medication, bent over two canes and barely shuffling for more than twenty years with severe osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, and various misalignments in my neck, jaw, shoulders, spine, torso, hips, wrists, hands, knees, ankles and feet, I was not exactly the picture-perfect poster granny for good health I had hoped to be in my mid-60's.

Amongst my various ailments, I had a dislocated, frozen shoulder due to a falling injury ten years before (right clavicle shoved into the sternum), and it turned my torso forward and upwards, two partially torn rotator cuffs, severe neck and back pain due to facet arthropathy as well as degenerative disc disease, elbow and leg tendonitis, right foot posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), severe malformation of my right toes and foot making it impossible for me to balance or walk much, two knees in immediate need of total replacement, and more. At the very least, I was completely sedentary, all my muscles were totally de-conditioned, and I was severely disabled. Even normal activities of daily living were a major struggle.

Hardly able to stand, let alone walk without assistive devices (2 canes, 2 hand braces, neck brace, 2 knee braces, PTTD brace), I was sent by my internist simultaneously to his nutritionist as well as to Aaron at Perfect Postures.

I was impressed by the careful, meticulous, and respectful evaluation I received at Perfect Postures on my first visit as well as on ALL subsequent visits that followed. I still marvel at the fact Aaron was willing to take a chance at transforming this less-than-perfect specimen.

I will be forever grateful and indebted to him and his superb team of trainers (thank you Chris and Carol-anne) for all their extraordinary skill, patience, and continual encouragement, their careful and thoughtful attention to my limitations as well as to my possibilities, their complete commitment to my well-being, and for their combined determination and belief that I could safely and absolutely succeed at getting to a healthier state. From the get-go, all of the exercises were very closely catered to my level of ability, sequenced to work pairs of muscles, progressive and increasing for me to gain strength, flexibility, and greater range of motion, so that I never experienced any pain or muscle strains. I always felt I was progressing in a very positive direction.

In the two and a half years or so I have been a client at Perfect Postures, despite my limitations, there has been no physical challenge Aaron has not methodically met head-on in a successful attempt to correct or ameliorate it.

Following a year and a half of doing correctives exercises on all my various body parts and misalignments, it was then determined by my orthopedic surgeon that I was now ready to undergo the first of two total knee replacements. Aaron counselled several months strength training to "pre-hab" the knees before surgery. I started coming in twice a week to do strength training.

Surgery on knee #1 was very successful, followed by a fairly quick recovery, and later, more rehab at Perfect Postures. Mobility was wholly restored, and to my utter surprise and delight, today I show no sign of needing surgery on knee. #2? the knee feels absolutely fine! I know that the role Aaron played in devising and often revising my strength training exercises greatly enhanced my surgical success, recovery and newly-developed flexibility.

While losing weight (more than 100 pounds to date, and "way more to go") certainly contributed to a much better sense of health and wellbeing, I still needed to gain the strength, flexibility, and range of motion I am still acquiring every day when I do my correctives exercises and every week when I go to Perfect Postures.

I am no longer unstable on two feet as I once was; my gait and stride are better, and I can walk; I've learned to stand fairly straight without slouching; my shoulders align nicely; I can carry groceries (all vegetarian and healthy!) and climb stairs a flight or two, albeit very slowly; I can walk without my two canes, and I can go on short walks; l can take a shower without fear of falling; I can raise and lower myself off a chair without feeling as if I need a hydraulic lift just to get up; l can swim longer distances, and l can use my elliptical machine at home once again. I can play with my grandchildren at their level on the ground; at the gym, I can hold a plank and am working with weights and doing presses, squats, rows, and lateral lunges. I am no longer constantly wracked by intractable leg, back, or neck pain, and I no longer feel like a pretzel walking on two sticks. In fact, I am now thinking of acquiring a bicycle when just a few years ago, I would have been thinking ?wheelchair?.

Thanks to Aaron and to his amazing team at Perfect Postures, I now HAVE a life I can enjoy. What he accomplished with me is nothing short of miraculous. I never imagined almost three years ago that I would have the possibility of a healthy and active life-style, and I can now look forward to many decades more!

(By the way, I am now completely off diabetic medication, and need only half the amount of pain medication I once used?) "

Sonia Urwand-Tuller