Our Process

1 Review your health history and any medical reports
2 Set goals for your program - if you do not have goals you will never achieve them.
3 Perform an evaluation by looking at your 4 postural views and identifying any muscular imbalances
4 Analyze your gait (walking) pattern. This allows us to identify any mechanical compensations that may not show up in your static posture views
5 Develop a corrective exercise program based on our evaluations. We will take you through the exercises to assure the program is working properly and to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.
6 You will leave our office with your prescribed exercise program containing definitions and pictures. It is important that you complete your program daily, and it is critical to complete the exercises in the order given as each exercise "sets" up for the next.
7 After approximately 1-2 weeks, we will perform another evaluation. Based on the changes your body has made over the week(s), we will develop a new corrective exercise program. The process continues towards reaching your goals.