Aaron Brooks

Aaron is owner of Perfect Postures and www.myoforce.net. He is an exercise physiologist/biomechanist who has been helping people with pain and movement restrictions for over 17-years. He has traveled extensively consulting with other health care professionals while setting up mobile clinics to help clients' with pain and limitations. His clients range from children to adults as well as many high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes.

Aaron can be emailed at: aaron@perfectpostures.com, or if you would like to call him please call 978-463-5800

  • Presentor for the 2010 Perform Better Summit speaking circuit
  • Inventor of the Versus (Variable Resistance Strength System) patent pending
  • Holds a patent on an ergonomic chair device to help correct pelvic spinal deviations
  • Contributing writer and expert for www.strengthcoach.com
  • Contributing writer and expert for www.myfittube.com
  • Former company was voted "Best Place to go for Sports Injury" in all of southern California by Competitor Magazine
  • A special advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger's California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (San Diego chapter)
  • Former company featured in numerous publications, including the San Diego Union Tribune and coverage on the front-page of the Mind and Body section of the North County Times of San Diego.
  • He has been featured on San Diego's KUSI television and has been interviewed on the radio from all over the world
  • His former company was the pre-season conditioning specialists for the San Diego Flash (professional soccer team). In-season they worked with the Flash's players with chronic injuries.
  • He has spoken at and worked with the Jazzercise corporate headquarters and franchises